Wellner Consulting Jakarta


Every transaction that arises from business activities has implications for different tax values and has a high level of complexity. This can interfere with the productivity of your business. We are here to handle taxation professionally, so you can focus on developing your business.

Ensure that your company fulfills every tax obligation in accordance with applicable regulations. Helping your company in managing tax compliance, managing tax risk and updating every tax regulation, so that your company can always focus on the business being run.

We will actively provide information about tax changes that may affect your company’s business operations. We have a strong team to provide consistently high quality tax compliance services. This service consists of:

Provide consultation with respect to Indonesian taxation based on our views and interpretations. We always provide systematic and structured explanations for clients, so they can be easily understood. Tax consulting services include:

Daily tax issues, Corporate and Individual Income Tax, Employee Income Tax, and Value Added Tax and Income Tax Withholding.

The Business Taxes that we handle consist of:

Tax Management dan Tax Planning merupakan bagian terpenting dalam mengelola suatu bisnis. Dengan mencari potensi perpajakan dari transaksi keuangan, sehingga wajib pajak dapat melakukan manajemen pajak yang lebih baik, pembayaran pajak lebih efisien, efektif dan ekonomis sesuai dengan peraturan perpajakan yang berlaku, serta memberikan saran tentang implikasi pajak dari kontrak yang telah terikat atau transaksi keuangan.